gear update

OK I wanted to post a gear update but I will explain it her first. None of the things I am going to mention here are new to me but the available workflow is and I think its pretty cool.

For one thing I am pretty tired of all the tools out there being for iPads its really boring…

So what am I talking about, I’m talking about being able to process on my Nexus 9 using the Nexus Media Importer to pull RAW images from my cameras SDHC card pulling them up in Aviray or Photoshop Express processing then in JPEG format and posting them to whatever service I chose.

Nexus Media Importer displays RAW images and then allows you to save them out as JPEGs to edit in your favorite photo editor.

So my new gear is is my 2 year old Nexus 7 and the micro USB to USB cable and adapter from USB to SDHC. Its fantastic as it also works with my Nexus 5 which makes me even more mobile.

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