iPad Pro 10.5

Its been a few weeks now since I received my iPad Pro, I’ve never had an iPad of any kind before and I am totally in love with it, I get it now.

For me all the hype was a deterrent and the cost, well it’s really expensive, but now that I have it I couldn’t trade it for anything. It’s completely changed my photography. I really hated having to spend hours in the basement editing pictures. It’s just a hobby for me and I don’t want waste beautiful summer days hidding in the dark away from my family.

This iPad has changed that, Lightroom, Photoshop and the newcomer Affinity Photo for iPad let me sit on the back porch and edit at my leisure all while continuing to interact and be with my family. I can totally see how someone could use this professionally, I’ve even done a bit of video editing on it and it performs fantastically. It’s fast bright and the battery lasts all day.

Needless to say I am really happy with the purchase, the Apple Pencil and the SD card reader are also a must. Importing RAW images is super fast and easy. The pencil makes all of the photo editing tools just that much better.

what’s this?

I got some new things in the mail today… I guess the Apple Pencil is a dead giveaway. After a very long hiatus from everything Apple I decided that the new iPad Pro 10.5 was worth investing in.

My hope, with the Pencil, is that I can get out of the basement and edit pictures anywhere.

I guess we’ll see, the iPad isn’t going to be here until next week.


All taken with the Oly 60mm. Some were edited in Lightroom Mobile then synced and exported from the desktop version.